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Copy Mercier - Classima series MOAO8687 men mechanical watch
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Classima series
Male Table
Automatic mechanical movement
Movement Model
Stainless steel
Bottom of the table
Table mirror
Sapphire crystal glass
Alligator strap
Strap Color
Pin buckle
30 m
Beautifully packaged box
Launch of Year
In 2008

【Brand story]

The celebrities name contains 180 years of watch making traditional crafts, but also represents a pure Swiss brand Baume & Mercier table shows, from the past to today, the modern luxury and relaxed elegance.

The history of the UN list from 1830, it is adhering to the delicate balance between the high-end technology and aesthetic. Since founding the celebrities in the table has been based on the contemporary design, innovative watch making trend, and persistent insistence on excellence.

Ancient Greek text on behalf of the golden section theory "Phi", a symbol of the pursuit of perfection of the UN list of advanced watchmaking technology and aesthetic styling. This flag is used in many celebrities watch dial and crown, in order to highlight the brand's pursuit of design to perfection.

Nevertheless, Baume & Mercier table long held the watch for life beliefs: suitable for any occasion, set of classic and fashion in one. Celebrities in the table have been provided for the selection of its people in the long years of nearly two centuries, faithful and reliable timepieces.

In 1830

The creation of the "Baume Frères"

Inherited a long-standing tradition of watchmaking, Louis Victor and Pierre Joseph Célestin Baume established in Switzerland Société "Baume Frères". The celebrities still persist in their pursuit for quality and creative.

In 1893

With chronograph with tourbillon movement at the Royal Observatory timing contest win

This period, Baume & Co Company's award-winning Royal Observatory timing contest. Baume & Co Company 1887 in chronographs race won the highest score; 1893 Baume & Co Company with a chronograph with tourbillon movement, the highest score was unprecedented in the Royal Observatory timing contest 91.9 points (out of 100).

In 1920

The birth of the celebrities (Baume & Mercier)

Mercier (Baume & Mercier) on August 27, 1920 in Geneva, formally registered. The brand founder genius watchmakers, grandson of the founder William Baume and art lovers, the son of Russian officers Paul Mercier.

In 1964

Phi logo

Celebrities ancient Greek text Phi as its logo, a symbol of perfect proportion and balance.

The modern watchmaking Workshop of Brucella Bennett

Baume & Mercier watchmaking

"Aestheticism celebrities to create the finest quality watch. '

Louis Victor and Pierre Joseph Celestin Baume, 1830.

Baume & Mercier watchmaking workshop still followed the the celebrities brothers founded maxim, located in Switzerland Bulu Nie special watch making area. It was a modern the parts assembly workshop, old watch making process day after day, to pass along the stretch of fir trees silhouetted against the storm in the Jura region. This is an in-depth this wonderful watch world travel, and the parts assembly plant is also creating the place of the UN list.

Watch the structure like a jigsaw puzzle, consisting of a large number of small parts, these small and eclectic parts to the skilled hands of watchmakers, can become the watch of various shapes.

Full handmade. The first step is to place the dial and pointer movement ready to be put into the case. Then adjusted to the movement in the tests most accurate.

Customer service, strict quality control

With the case of off the watch on the outside elements "immunity." Celebrities have very stringent monitoring measures to ensure the watch to meet stringent quality standards, each watch must be tested individually. Mania side, mechanical watch is placed on the swing plane kept rotating, to test their accuracy and energy efficiency; other complex watch functions, such as the time set, date changes, multifunction timing must go through rigorous the test, even the smallest flaws in a rigorous review of the control system to the next will undoubtedly expose. Quartz watch is accepted, the thermal shock test to detect hidden flaws.

Antique watch lasting for years

Brooklyn Bennett watchmaking workshop not only the production of watches, also responsible for the repair of celebrities from around the globe antique table. "Our principle is: a Baume & Mercier watch can be repaired." The oldest piece of celebrities in the table, was taken to a workshop repair from a collectors watch in 1870. Most antique tables produced after World War II, mainly in the 1970s, these tables are completely apart to comprehensive repairs, even if we need to order it and re-production has long been discontinued parts!

"Our customers are looking for the perfect watch, we can not let them down. '

Mercier product line

Baume & Mercier watch series all-encompassing, from men's to women's, from round to rectangular, stainless steel material to gold texture, everything. Today, the brand has five best-selling series of watches:

William Baume series

William Baume watch series commemorative limited edition of Celebrity brand founder William Baume brand contribution with complicated movements designed for Mingshi Te system and the utility function is to demonstrate the traditional craft of haute horlogerie superb. William Baume series since 2008, introduced the essence of the brand has been three years, every year selection of the most representative watch limited edition of perfect reproduction of the celebrities in the table.

In 1892, Baume & Mercier With chronograph with tourbillon movement, the Royal Observatory timing contest for the highest score at the time, and keep records for 10 years, laid the celebrities in the classic position in the international watch industry. Launched last year, William Baume Flying Tourbillon watch is derived While this classic watch by the celebrities in history, on the one hand, to restore the old tradition, and at the same time the exquisite watchmaking pay tribute to the legacy of the William Baume. Watch, Baume & Mercier 2010 launch the William Baume jump two-hour display at 12 o'clock, digitally rendered perfectly on the beauty of the dial inch design.

The Classima Series (Classima Executives)

The Classima Series inheritance Baume & Mercier watchmaking tradition, is solemn classic and elegant blend of extending a style. Mechanical movement with a series of celebrities and practical small complex function, not only perfect inherited celebrities has always been a rustic and elegant traditional round watchmaking style, but also presents new design content. Baume & Mercier Design Workshop Reference dynamic vitality of the urban atmosphere, a new interpretation of the meaning of rustic and elegant, modern design of the new ideas into the production process, the stylish and elegant and noble classical qualities, the re-interpretation of the watchmaking tradition, created the series to become eternal classic.

2010 Classima display full calendar chronograph 8870 with complex functional mechanical movement, the exquisite detail perfectly integrated into exquisite watchmaking skills full reaction celebrities love of traditional watchmaking as well as to attain the pursuit of perfect quality.

Series of Hampton (Hampton)

The Hampton family name from the other end of Long Island, away from Hampton, New York, this place exudes a harmonious and clear attitude towards life, a weekend away from the hustle and bustle, the ideal place to relax. The Hampton Series was born in 1994, is designed to subvert the the tabulation trend at that time, rectangular stainless steel case, a market that become the hottest-selling watches. Hampton series based on rectangular rose gold watch celebrities launched in 1960 and joined the many innovative design. Whether curved or square, Hampton series has always been a successful follow its qualities: the perfect combination of the essence of traditional watchmaking and modern design, slightly curved case with a perfect close to the wrist.

Armband Uhren by a German magazine and weekly Welt am Sonntag, co-sponsored the 2010 best watch awards selection Hampton series watch 8811 won the first Ladies Watch category, fully embodies the Hampton series favorite.

Riviera series (Riviera)

Riviera is a famous tourist destination of the rich in the south of France, is a combination of vacation homes, cruise ships, famous galleries and museums are concentrated interpretation of luxury living. The Riviera series based naming, launched in 1973, its revolutionary unique design of the 12-gon bezel for traditional watchmaking brings new features, the 12-gon on behalf of twelve hours, each side represent the day night, an endless, as Mercier watch enthusiastic uninterrupted. Riviera series since its inception has gone through four generations, both intact and the initial representative classic design watch, sports watch models add chronograph and diving function dynamic, and the successful launch of a series of men and women on the table. Today, modern design, While this legendary watch collection became celebrities in history an integral part of.

Diamond (Diamant)

Diamond Series is a series of tribute to today's full range of women's fashion. Coupled with both sides of the arc-shaped curve, square case highlights the curved surface of sapphire and watch beautiful lines. Oval crown set with a centrifugal diamonds, elegant and confident temperament to show the modern women. Diamond Series is absolutely the best show women leisurely leisurely temperament watch reflects the extraordinary excellence and colorful, moving and elegant, delicate, gentle, simple and generous but precious, timeless elegant and rebellious charm. It is suitable for busy women to wear in everyday life, they are perfect for any occasion to show natural colorful, sparkling and magnificent brilliant light.

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